planet_puma_23Planet PUMA is our in-house magazine, written by the members of PUMA.  Full of interesting stories, articles and training information, so have a browse and see what you can find.



Here are the back issues of Planet PUMA, right from the very first edition.  If you prefer, we still have quite a few hard copies of issues 1-18 available.  If you would like us to send you a copy, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .







Issue 24

  • Part 2 of the Interview with Master Black
  • Presentation Evening report
  • Ghana goodwill trip
  • Winning Adult and Junior black belt essays from the October 2012 grading
  • Kickboxing and point stop championships
  • ... and more


Issue 23

  • Interview with Master Black
  • Presentation Evening report
  • Winning Adult and Junior black belt essays from the May 2012 grading
  • Summer camp and Kids camp reports
  • ... and more


Issue 22

  • 2nd PUMA World Open
  • Presentation Evening report
  • Winning Adult and Junior black belt essays
  • Ghana Seminar day
  • ... and more


Issue 21

  • Bill "Superfoot" Wallace seminar
  • PUMA Day 2011
  • Summer, Winter and Kids camp reports
  • Stars vs Stripes fight night
  • Childrens Championships 2011


Issue 20

  • World Championships 2010 report
  • PUMA Day 2010
  • The Masters Seminar
  • Black Belt Grading - May 2011 essays
  • 10th Anniversary PUMA ball
  • Plus more! And all the regular stuff!


Issue 17

  • Interview: Mr Norman Luker
  • The latest news from Ghana
  • Kickboxing column - move those feet
  • Mr Mortimore reports from Moldova, Europe's porest country


    Issue 16

  • Bulletman Dik Chance interviewed!
  • Master Motivator - John Black!
  • Commando Challenge - mud and cold dank water!
  • NLP - Anchoring and states!
  • Plus more! And the regular stuff!


    Issue 15

  • Cardiff: P.U.M.A. Day and junior championship double bill!
  • Interview: Mr Daniel Lammin!
  • Summer camps: words and pictures!
  • Plus the regular columns.


    Issue 14

  • Battle of Britain Fight Night!
  • John Black gets serious
  • Dennis Salt interviewed!
  • Plus some more things, all of them good.


    Issue 13

  • An evening of Thai Boxing from Bangkok - full report
  • Gran Canaria 2008, winter training in the sun
  • The History of P.U.M.A. Part I
  • The Secrets of Taekwon-Do
  • Preparing for a Full Contact Kickboxing Bout
  • and much much more...


    Issue 12

  • Interview: Mr Kevin McCabe
  • Grading essay: "My Hero"
  • The Italian job
  • Winter camp '07 report
  • Function exercises
  • Special techniques, and other bits


    Issue 11

  • Interview: Mr Bill Kipp, the original bulletman
  • More Tales From The Black Side
  • The meaning of black belt - courtesy of Master Gayle
  • Junior Summer Camp 2007 report
  • Kickboxing black belt - personal accounts
  • Plus lots more.


    Issue 10

  • Interview: Mr Gary Bradshaw
  • ITF World Championships: extra-fantastic full colour report
  • Living and training in Japan
  • The TKD tenets: why they matter
  • Tang Soo Do: 3rd Bo pattern in photos
  • Other content also included.


    Issue 19

  • Interview - Neil Adams, Judo hero
  • Road Rage - avoiding it
  • Fight Night 2007 report,
  • Kickboxing Camp - somewhat muddy
  • More Tales From The Black Side, Plus the regular items.


    Issue 8

  • Irish Open Report
  • P.U.M.A. Northern Ireland; Black belt awards and essays
  • Training in Ghana
  • Tales From The Black Side, featuring Mr John Black
  • Plus the regular columns...


    Issue 7

  • 2006 Junior World Championships: astounding full colour report
  • Urban Combatives
  • Science and diets
  • Tang Soo-Do: 2nd Bo pattern in photos
  • Two whole pages of random stuff


    Issue 6

  • Interview: Mr Malcolm Jones
  • All about mouth guards; FAST custom scenarios
  • The science of sports drinks; Norway training
  • Little P.U.M.A.s history; Core stability
  • Plus regulars and more…


    Issue 5

  • Interview: Master Mark Ogborne
  • Kickboxing, full contact fight night debut; Spring kickboxing camp report
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Exciting new Random Stuff feature
  • Plus the usual technical columns, child protection and kids page.


    Issue 4

  • Interview: Master Ray Gayle
  • “Being bullied": advice for children
  • New children’s jokes and games page.
  • First pole pattern in photos; Dog attacks
  • Introducing the children’s jokes and games page.


    Issue 3

  • Interview: Mr David Murphy
  • Kids camp 2005: special report
  • Food supplements, expert advice
  • Self defence, legal issues
  • Awareness, the difficult art


    Issue 2

  • Fewer rough edges
  • Interview: Mr Chris Wood
  • 50th anniversary, the ITF celebrates
  • Fight Night 2005: superlative international spar-fest; Sparring safety
  • Courting Danger training legal issues; Fast Defence, THE course you need.


    Issue 1

  • Historic launch issue, complete with rough edges
  • Interview: Ms Louise Reeve
  • 2004 ITF World Championships; Summer and Winter camps
  • Blocking, making it work
  • And more...